As you know, temperatures in Eastman, Georgia, can reach sweltering levels in the summer. While you can keep your home cool and comfortable with a properly functioning air conditioner, you may find yourself sweating over high energy bills. Check out these three ways to keep your cooling expenses low this summer:

Raise Your Thermostat Setting

Proper management of your AC system’s thermostat setting is one of the most effective ways to reduce your cooling bills. When you’re at home, adjust the setting to about 78 degrees for a comfortable environment. However, when you’re at work, raise it to a higher temperature to avoid wasting energy. According to the United States Department of Energy, you can save up to 10 percent on your cooling bills with this strategy.

Close Curtains, Shades and Blinds

Whether you use curtains, shades, or blinds, you can reduce your energy costs by keeping them closed throughout the day. Covering your windows will prevent solar heat gain and make it easier for your AC system to cool your home. Use light-colored curtains, shades or blinds to deflect the scorching rays of the sun. Hang them as close to the windows as possible to maximize their effectiveness.

Service Your AC System Regularly

Your AC system won’t be able to perform optimally and efficiently if it isn’t properly maintained. Dirt and debris will accumulate on the air filters and in the ducts over time. As a result, they’ll block airflow and cause your unit to work harder. If left unattended, the increased strain can lead to a significant spike in your energy bills and a variety of mechanical problems.

Consider investing in a regular HVAC maintenance plan. By doing so, you’ll ensure a service technician completes routine maintenance tasks, such as cleaning your outdoor condenser coil for increased efficiency and inspecting your system for possible repairs.

With summer just around the corner, it’s a good time to give your AC system a tune-up. If you want to schedule an appointment for AC maintenance, contact Pruett Air Conditioning at 478-298-4115.

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