Pests in Eastman, Georgia, can pose a big risk to your HVAC system. Not only can they contaminate the air in your home by leaving behind skin cells and waste. Certain pests, like rats and mice, can build nests in your HVAC system that interfere with its functioning and cause long-term damage. Here are a few ways you can keep pests out of your home and preserve your HVAC system.

Seal Entry Points and Ductwork

It’s important to first identify and then eliminate any possible points of entry. Have your HVAC specialist inspect your system to find out where pests are gaining access. Add screens to vents and other points of entry so pests have no way of getting into your home.

After you seal the outside of your system, make sure to seal your ductwork. Cracks in your ductwork can both reduce the efficiency of your system and give pests access to your home.

Eliminate Excess Moisture

Excessive moisture is one of the biggest reasons pests infest HVAC systems. If you want to protect your system and keep your home pest-free, you must control this moisture.

Make sure there’s no water puddling around your outdoor air conditioning unit. If there are areas of your home prone to dampness, use a dehumidifier to remove the moisture.

Schedule Regular Inspections

Even if you’re vigilant about pest prevention, it’s still possible pests will find their way into your HVAC system. To make sure you protect yourself and home from pests, have your HVAC system regularly inspected by a heating and cooling professional. Your HVAC service technician can detect signs of an infestation in your system and give you tips for resolving the issue.

If you need help keeping pests out of your home, schedule an HVAC inspection today. Contact Pruett Air Conditioning at 478-298-4115. We can help protect your system so that it can keep your home comfortable and pest-free.

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