The fan on your thermostat has two settings: auto and on. In most cases, auto is the best option, as this will turn the fan on only when you’re actively heating or cooling your home in Eastman, Georgia. The fan setting consumes more energy by cycling air even when your home is already at the ideal temperature. However, there are some instances in which you should turn the thermostat fan setting on.

To Remove Irritants

Turning the fan on will pull air through your filter continuously. If you have an indoor air quality system like an air cleaner or an air purifier, the fan setting will put these to work as well. In normal conditions, you don’t need to cycle air constantly to keep it comfortably clean. However, you should switch the fan on if you’re stirring up extra irritants with activities like dusting, vacuuming or painting.

To Freshen the Air

In comfortable shoulder seasons, you may find that you can go without heating or cooling for several days at a time. While this will certainly save on your energy bill, it can also create an uncomfortably stuffy feeling in the home. Opening the windows lets pollen and other allergens into the house. Use the fan on your thermostat to freshen the air while keeping it clean.

To Eliminate Hot and Cold Spots

If your home experiences hot and cold spots, your HVAC system may be too large for your square footage. You may want to consider downsizing your AC and heating systems in the future. A short-term solution is to leave your fan on for a bit after the system turns off. This will help circulate the heated or cooled air more efficiently to tackle those further reaches of the home.

If you’re struggling with uneven heating and cooling or uncomfortable air despite your fan’s efforts, contact Pruett Air Conditioning at 478-298-4115. We offer a full range of HVAC services to keep you comfortable.

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