Winter is one of the seasons when your heat pump is extra busy. Running continuously is one of the most common heat pump issues homeowners in Warner Robins, GA, experience during the cold season. Here are a few reasons that your heat pump might be constantly running:

You Have a Clogged Condenser Coil

You will find your heat pump’s condenser coil in your outdoor unit. The condenser coil switches roles with the evaporator coil during winter. The condenser coil starts absorbing heat from outside and transferring it into your living space.

Being outside exposes the coil to debris, dirt and leaves, which may clog it with time. Also, you may decide to plant flowers near the outdoor unit, not knowing you are interfering with its performance.

Dirt, debris, leaves and vegetation may affect your heat pump’s ability to bring in heat from outside. Therefore, your heat pump may struggle to achieve your temperature requirements on the thermostat, prompting it to run continuously.

Consider checking your outdoor unit often and cleaning it to ensure that it’s operating efficiently. Also, it’s not advisable to have any vegetation around it.

You Have an Undersized Heat Pump

If you have an undersized system, it will never be up to the task with regard to your home’s heating needs. As a result, the system will run without stopping to raise your indoor temperatures to the levels you want.

Installing a properly sized system will allow you to enjoy more warmth this winter. A professional technician can help you get a properly sized system for your house by accurately determining your home’s heating requirements.

Your System Is Old

Heat pumps come with a limited lifespan. As the system advances in age, its parts continue to wear out.

The more the components wear out, the lower the system efficiency goes. Consider getting a new heat pump if you have been using the one in your home for more than 10 years.

Reach out to Pruett Air Conditioning for exceptional heat pump services. We’ll inspect your unit to find out what’s causing it to run constantly and provide a long-term solution.

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