Keeping the employees of your Eastman, Georgia, business happy is as simple as installing a commercial HVAC system that regulates temperature and humidity properly. Researchers have found that workers who are uncomfortable in their environment are significantly less productive. Your goal is to maintain consistent air conditioning comfort in your building, and this includes managing temperature as well as humidity.

High Humidity

Are your employees constantly requesting a cooler temperature because it feels too hot? If there has been no significant change in outdoor temperatures or your preprogrammed settings, and your system is in good condition, consider that high humidity might be to blame. When the moisture content of the air in your office building is too high, your workers will feel clammy, warm, drowsy, and sluggish. Indoor humidity should fall between 30 and 50 percent. Higher than 50 percent and you start to feel the effects of heavy, moist air.

Low Humidity

This condition occurs when lack of sufficient moisture results in air that is too cold and dry for comfort. Low moisture levels can cause itchy skin, rashes, sore throat, coughing, and a stuffy nose. Employees can regularly experience any or a combination of these symptoms. “Sick building syndrome,” is a common term for cases in which employees miss work frequently due to an illness that can be attributed to their work environment. A good commercial HVAC system should regulate your humidity, but if you are experiencing significant problems, consider installing a humidifier or bringing in some potted plants, which release moisture.

Fluctuating Humidity

If the thermostat is old, or not programmable it will be harder to manage temperature and humidity. The result will be inconsistency with regard to indoor air quality. Humidity has a major effect on the perceived temperature in your office. Regulating this temperature can improve employee comfort while also helping you to save money on energy costs.

If you notice fluctuations in the temperature or received complaints that the temperature is uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to call Pruett Air Conditioning. Contact our office today at 478-298-4115 to service your commercial HVAC unit and help you maintain high levels of employee productivity.

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