Rising energy costs mean consumers must be increasingly vigilant about saving energy. Inefficiencies in our homes result in more energy waste than we realize. Even if you invest in energy-efficient appliances, you will not be able to maximize savings if other problems in your home are not addressed. Air entering or leaving our homes through cracks or gaps is a common source of energy waste. A home energy evaluation, incorporating a blower door test, is an effective way to identify air leaks and improve energy efficiency.

The blower door test is conducted by a professional energy auditor. The blower door actually consists of a wooden frame with a fan mounted in the middle. The frame expands to fill and seal an exterior doorway, at which point the fan draws the air out of the house to depressurize it. As the air pressure indoors is lowered, higher pressure outside air will make its way into the home through any leaks, cracks, or gaps. The test pinpoints where the leaks are coming from so that they can be repaired.

Sealing air leaks prevents conditioned air from escaping and unconditioned air from being drawn in through leaks in your home. Sealing leaks also helps to improve the air quality in your home by preventing the intrusion of outside pollutants and reducing condensation and mold. Caulk or weatherstripping are usually used to repair gaps or cracks in windows or doors. In very old houses, it might be necessary to replace these fixtures.

Apart from making your home uncomfortable with unwanted air, or loss of conditioned air, the wasted energy and effect on your energy bill should be enough reason to correct any leaks. Your energy auditor will provide a report from the findings of the blower door test as well as the results of the inspection of other areas of your home. You will also be provided with recommendations for other ways in which energy waste can be reduced or prevented.

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